Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Curse

Quite simply I'm cursed.

Cursed with the need to be VERY organized. Today I have nothing to do. Absolutely NOTHING! Except for turn in our "notice to vacate," dropping off stuff for our new apt manager, finding a job, and breathing. But to me that is nothing considering how much crap I do EACH DAY during the semester and during my summer courses (due to my other curse to be productive and over achieving).

That brings us back to my curse. With nothing to do I decide to print off some pictures for my albums. I remember that I, of course, put all my pictures on an external hard drive. My computer's memory is all did that happen?!

Oh and about 6-8 months ago I stole pictures from mom and dad's computers. And let's face it they are NOT ORGANIZED! Much to the bane of my existence. I think my parents have it out for me. ... You would also think that they would be organized right? I mean I had to get it from somewhere!

I have to organize those pictures before I can print some off... right?
So for the last 2 hours I have been clicking on folder after folder trying to organize my parents' pictures. And each folder? HAS 459 SUBFOLDERS! and of course each of those has at least 4 subfolders with 985478 pictures in them. No exaggeration. None at all.
It's tedious stupid work, but I'm doing. Of course I am.

A sad extension of my curse? For the last few months (since we decided to move) every night before I fall asleep I have been decorating and organizing our new apt.
Yes, I'm that bad!

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