Friday, October 30, 2009

My "Job" is Awesome

Urza (whom I am thinking of renaming) has always argued with me that my job of taking care of S is not a "job" ... because apparently if you love what you do then you are not working.

Now, I love that little guy so very much, but sometimes taking care of a kid IS WORK!

(Ir)Regardless(haha) of if you love them or not.
Anyone who says taking care of kids isn't work,... well they haven't actually taken care of kids before.

So yesterday I stayed with S and we had an amazing time eating apples & bunny crackers, dancing to music, building with blocks, playing with trains, and drawing.

I asked S to draw me a particular picture and this is what he drew me:

Now that drawing is of a particular animal and I want to give you a chance to guess what it is before I tell you.
What do you think it is??

It is ....
A horse :)

All that to say that my "job" is awesome.
Purely and fantastically awesome.

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