Friday, November 13, 2009


... is something I really love to do.

Unfortunately Josh doesn't much like to and I am stuck planning on my own.

Thanks to a very (very!) long nap by S yesterday I was able to plan out my entire 2010 school year. Ahhh! I love the feeling of a plan!

Spring 2010
  • EDSS 4553 - Foundations and Mentoring in Social Studies
  • EDSS 4563 - Teaching Secondary Social Studies
  • SOC 3533 - The System of Criminal Justice
  • SOC 3543 - Sociology of Deviance
  • HIST 2223 - British Empire
May Intersession?
  • SOC Elective - possibly Crime Scene Processing
Summer 2010
  • Study for LSAT!
September 2010 - LSAT!

Fall 2010
  • American HIST Elective
  • P SC 2603 - Governments Around the World
  • MUNM 3113 - World Music
  • SOC
  • SOC Elective?
Ahhhh isn't it beautiful??

Now back to S because really I'd just rather talk about him! He took a 3 hour ... 3 hour ... nap yesterday while I watched him. He woke up so incredilby happy and pretty much smiled and giggled the rest of the time I was there. We played in the tall grass out back, he handed me handfuls of dirt (thank you S!), he jumped and crawled and had the best time (and I did too!)

Of course, I had a wonderful time just watching him :) I really do enjoy staying with him...

::sigh:: that's the part of my plan I really don't like ... the part where I graduate and have to leave him :(

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