Sunday, May 9, 2010

Today is the Day to Celebrate Mothers & I have just the Lady

My mother is my role model, best friend, confidant, & biggest fan. She's the one who is always there for me and loves me no matter what. She dries my tears and comforts me when I need her. She celebrates in my happiest moments. She's my rock. She always makes time for me and always listens to me when I need her to. She is who I want to be when I grow up. She is not a perfect mother because no one is, but she is as close as you can get. She provides unconditional love and support. She is the epitome of grace, elegance, and class. She was everything I needed as I grew up... and she still is.

She held me after bad dreams, kissed scraped knees, fixed me breakfast every day, took me to library story hour and instilled my great love of reading, made sure I never needed anything. She gave me an idyllic childhood. She led me along the right paths, and she helped to make me who I am today. She knows me so well and always says the right thing.

I can receive no greater compliment than when people tell me I'm like my Mom.
I couldn't be prouder to call her Mom.
I love you.

Now that I've cried through that part of the post (you knew I would be mom!) here are some of my favorite pictures:

My Mother is beautiful inside and out

I like to think we look alike

We have so much fun together - Mom you will look great in orange!! ;)

 Mom has a signature pose

Chace and I love to do it too  ... a little over exaggerated of course!

She's adorable

She makes AWESOME cakes :)

My Mom & Her Mom

My Mother and My Father

I love you, Mom!

 Happy Mother's Day from All of Us!

Since this post is already as long as that horrid poem we had to read in English class: Beowulf (ugh!), why don't I just continue with a few other Mothers that I think are wonderful:

Happy Mother's Day to M2! You did an amazing job raising your children and they have all turned out wonderful. Thank you for teaching Josh all you did and for loving him.

M2 with all her Kids

She's gorgeous ... inside and out!

Josh & his Mom

We told Josh to "Smile" .... M2 looks gorgeous!

The lighting is bad ... but I still love it!

Josh & his Mom is Vegas!

Mom and Me in Vegas!

Mom2 & her daughter Dr. A ... who is having her first!!
Happy Mother's Day Dr. A!!
I can't wait to meet my niece!! 

Also a Very Happy Mother's Day to Nenah, Heidi, & G!!
You are all wonderful Moms who have done an amazing job raising your children!

Bisous, Kiki

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