Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lessons from the ST.

Was it last week or the week before? I'm not sure, but I had the best conversation with S.

We were sitting in the kitchen. I was feeding T. S didn't want a snack (yeahhh), but he wanted to sit in his chair next to me.
He's adorable and so sweet when he wants to be with me. He just looks up at me and says "Kiki, I love you." & I melt and tell him I love him.

But that's not the best part... I was in between giving T bites of her cereal and I glanced at S just in time to see his finger in his nose. "Oh, no S!" I exclaimed and glanced back at T. She was still gumming her cereal.
So, I returned my attentions to S in time to see his finger in his mouth... the same finger that had been in his nose. Ew!

"S! Were you eating your boogers? Don't do that!"
S replies very indignantly, "I wasn't eating it, I was tasting it!"

I about fell out of my chair. No exaggeration here. Seriously, I had no idea how to respond to that!! It was hilarious!
So I replied, "Well, don't taste them either" all the while chuckling and I'm sure he could tell. So much for getting my point across!
I just sat and laughed while T ate the rest of her cereal.

This kid is amazing.

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