Saturday, September 19, 2009


S turned two today and I cried (only a little).

I'm more attached to that little boy that I ever thought I'd be! I guess watching him since he was 3 weeks old does that though. He's adorable and has changed so much in 2 years (obvs). I'm quite simply in love with him... :)
oh and you should hear the conversations we have :) hehe it's amazing!

His mom and dad had a little party for him tonight and I was invited (thank you!). We had vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing (yummy!) and the best juice (which I am going out to buy tomorrow).

S got quite a few new (educational) toys from his mom, a bike seat from his dad, a train set, clothes, and a tiger from his grandparents ... and books from me. I'm the boring one eh? No, not really - S LOVES books. ... no, not just LOVES, but LOVES books and I got him a book of animals ... oh yeah! JACKPOT!

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