Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack

So it's probably time to get back to this blogging thing, eh?

School has been ... well ... crazy busy and I was overwhelmed. So blogging took a backseat.
I will be back posting Project 52 & try to stay on it. (That's what she said. NO TIME!.. but she did... NO TIME!)

So I have a million things to do before we leave for VEGAS!!!!

So here's what I am .... or should be doing:
  • laundry
  • cleaning ... including living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathrooms, etc, etc,
  • packing
    • carry on
    • checked
  • sleeping (WE LEAVE AT 4AM! on Sunday!)
  • packing Aria ... she's going to stay with Nini!
  • dropping off Christmas presents (for S & T!)
  • baking muffins .... mmmmm
  • and the list goes on
  • and on
  • and on
So ... I'm off to watch TV instead ... or work on catching up on blogging

Life is wonderful and amazing... but so overwhelming.

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