Friday, December 18, 2009

Call me Krickle ... or Kricka (if you are yelling for me!)

I got to see my favorite 2 people today: S & T.

G needed to finish up some grading and runs some errands so I stayed with Mr. S today. :) Oh my... he is perfection rolled up into a loveable package that is always running around in a whirlwind.

He doesn't stop until he falls asleep ... and today was no exception.

He's 2 now and loves imaginative play. Today we were lions chasing each other. We played with Rex and Pokey (his dinos) and with the pig and bear (odd friendship, but hey it works!). I chased him back and forth through the house. We played with his train set, and finally, we read books :)

S had chicken and carrots for lunch, and he fell asleep while eating them. It was adorable. I took pictures (of course!) and he just looks so sweet.

He was exhausted! He didn't even wake up when I changed his diaper and his pants.

It really was the best way to start off my Christmas Break. S always makes me happy... it never fails. I always leave there completely happy.

Oh I got to see T ... she is perfection, too. So beautiful.

I love those little ones. So incredibly much.

Oh! I almost forgot ... the title. S has finally decided to call me by name. I now go by Krickle ... or Kricka if you are yelling at me as S so often does. "Kricka sit down!!" "Kricka come mere!!" ... and of course, I oblige him.

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