Tuesday, April 27, 2010

& The Yawning Starts

 So after 30 straight hours of being up I am now going to have to sit through a 3 hour class. & it's not fun and exciting. I may fall asleep. It'd be different if it were a fun and exciting class ... say history, poli sci, soc, psych... but nope. It's boring. It's monotonous. & I have to have it to graduate. So there we go. Wish me luck and someone send me coffee.
Wait, no. Don't do that. I found out this morning that 1/2 cup can make me pee about 23 times in an hour. You know how annoying that is?
J asked if I am pregnant. Um nope. Just an abnormally incredibly small bladder.

On the plus side, I just found out the professor is taking us out after class next week (we only have 8 students). On the negative side, we're going for pizza ::sigh::


for those who don't know ... get this ... I abhor pizza ... except for pizza rolls ... I'm weird I know ...

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