Sunday, June 6, 2010

Project 365: Week 1: Days 1-6

So I've decided to bring back Project 52 & make it Project 365 instead.
I'll be doing daily pictures, but they will be posted on Sundays and will be from the previous Monday through that Sunday. (Except this time... June 1 was a Tuesday so it'll be Tuesday through Sunday.) I'm starting on June 1 b/c that is the first of the month. & those of you who know me know I can't start things when it will be "odd."

So here goes!
Days 1-6: June 1-6, 2010
Day 1
I have to start Project 365 with an Aria picture. She was dancing!

Day 2
I got a job volunteering with the Democrat County Offices. This is my awesome bag ready to go!

Day 3
Aria sleeping with Josh :)

Day 4
Nothing like a freshly laundered and made bed! So nice!

Day 5
Practicing walking to get ready to walk down the aisle in my BM shoes!

Day 6
Happy Birthday Daddy!!
These are Dad's birthday & Father's Day presents :)

Well, there is the first week! Let's hope I can keep it up

Bisous, Kiki

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