Sunday, June 13, 2010

Project 365: Week 2: Days 7-13

This week was a lot of fun... filled with traveling, relaxing, time with friends & family, & two of my best friends' wedding to each other!! Congrats H&C!! I love you both :)

Without further ado...
Days 7-13: June 7-13, 2010

Day 7
A typical day... Aria obliterates her toys & then she crashes :)

Day 8
Aria laying on my bags - she does not want me to leave :( (& she's not the only one)

Day 9 
Don't forget these!! 

Day 10
Time to RELAX & read!!

Day 11
My bridesmaid gift - C is the sweetest! I ♥ her. & I love my gift! For those of you who don't know, I adore bags. & this is perfection!

Day 12
The Bride, Groom & I - two of my best friends!

Day 13
After I got home from the wedding (at 1am!) I took all the bobby pins out of my hair. It stayed. Wow.

This week was amazing! I'm ready to go home though.

Bisous, Kiki

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