Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Challenge: Day 14

Day 14: Share a previous Christmas memory

I loved when Josh gave me my "promise ring" ... except it wasn't really a promise ring I guess.
He didn't give it to me in front of everyone. It was later... after we all had opened our gifts at my parents' house.
We were sitting in my room. I was wondering why he hadn't got me a present. & he pulls a pretty black box out of his pocket. & says "Here ... this is for you."  ... very Josh :)
I was nervous opening it actually. By this point in our relationship we knew we were going to get married, but neither of has had proposed (not that we wound up doing it that way).
I was wondering if that is what he was doing.
Nope :)
Just a gorgeous ring for Christmas.

Another great Christmas memory - the first year Josh & I put up our first tree.

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