Monday, August 3, 2009

The "Players" in My Life

Here you go!

The "Players" in My Life - A Reference Page

**to be complete at a later time** (specifically my nephews - I need to ask them what they want to be called)
  • Kiki = me - also known as Aunt Kiki, Caterpillar, Sis, and Kiki Dawn
  • Urza Josh = My fiance', my best friend, and the love of my life - he makes my life fun, exciting, and full of never ending craziness (he was once referred to as Urza, but I can't do it. He's only Josh to me)
  • Mom = well you guess who this is - she is one of my best friends and my role model - I'm pretty much her clone -- she's the original (also known as Nini - pronounced knee-knee ... heheh)
  • Dad = again... you guess who this is - he is a wonderful person who I have so much respect and love for (also known as Grumpy)
  • Chace = one of my best friends and my sister - she's quite crazy like I am. And believe me I will probably not inform all of you of all our escapades (but she does look quite good in orange! hehe)
  • Jakob = Josh's best friend - a fun guy who I now consider one of my good friends. He currently lives about 2 hours away, but comes to stay with us pretty often
  • Comrade Lenin/Dad 2 = Josh's Dad - an awesome, supportive and caring man who is there to help - oh and he pretty much set up Josh and me ... thank you Comrade Lenin, you are a great dad!
  • M2 (Mom Two) = Josh's Mom - a lovely, caring lady who I am happy is my second mom
  • Master = my older brother - you know the saying "Jack of all trades, master of none" - he's pretty much the master of all & the coolest guy I know
  • BB = Master's wife - while we aren't thisclose I do think she's a wonderful person and know that she and I would be good friends given our lives weren't in the way and we could hang out more
  • IT Geek = my oldest brother - a geeky guy who is fun to hang around with
  • ? = my nephew - IT Geek's son - the sweetest, cutest little redhead you will ever meet - he's quite a geek like his father (knew how to turn on and play on the computer by 3) and a lot of fun to play with
  • ? = my nephew - IT Geek's son - a complete doll ... no other way to put it - he's super smart, fun to play with, and loves to go armadillo hunting with Grumpy
  • Dr. A = Josh's sister - an awesome woman who I'm glad is going to be my sister too - I just wish we had more chances to hang out
  • Boomer = Dr. A's husband - nice, cool, funny, smart ... oh and the best quality? A HUGE OU fan... enough said (probably bigger than Urza and I ... nah not quite) Boomer Sooner
  • Michael = Josh's brother - a super funny, kind, and generous guy who is willing to do anything for you - made me feel right at home when I first met Josh's family - oh and he collects money - coins, dollars, etc. - he has a nice collection - including a 1920 $2 bill
  • K = Josh's stepdad
  • S = the little boy I babysit a.k.a. the little love of my life
  • G = S's mom
  • J = S's dad
  • T = S's new little sister - to be born around Thanksgiving She's Arrived!!
  • Nenah = my grandma
  • Papa = my grandpa
Animals - they play a big part in my life
  • Aria = mine and Josh's new puppy who is freaking adorable - the most playful little thing you will ever see - she's a doll when she isn't peeing everywhere
  • Kristy = my parents' dog (really she's mine!) - the best dog you could EVER ask for
  • Reese/Reeser/Reese Piece/Reeser Piecer = my sister's crazy dog - a Yorkie who is hyper beyond all reason for about 8 minutes and then crashes for the next 23 hours & 52 minutes
  • Mercy Maurice = the cat that has adopted my parents, much to my mom's dismay "I don't need ANOTHER animal to take care of!" UPDATE: and now we have found out that it is a boy not a girl. My sister will no longer be naming animals
  • Summer = my sister's 3rd horse - she's a super sweet and loving horse - much nicer than the asses my sister had before (no she didn't have donkeys)
  • Bell = BB's HUMONGOUS Great Dane - she likes me or so Master says - she tries to give me hugs ... and looks me in the eye ... you know no small feat I am 5 ft tall afterall
  • Cooper = S's dog - he is so much fun to play with - he surprisingly puts up with all S's crazy antics

There you have it! Those are the people I converse with, see, and talk about on a fairly often basis.

Enjoy reading about them... and yourself!

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