Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Want. Need. MUST HAVE. Tuesdays

UPDATE (08-26-09) THIS DOES NOT WORK. UGH. So I recently had a chance to try it out ... no good :(

So I've a pretty nice collection of music going on now. And I really want to be able to listen to it in the car!

I don't want to use my earphones and I don't like putting my iPhone on high volume. It just doesn't work in the car.

So what do I need you ask.... I need this!

It is a handy little charger that also broadcasts your music through a static station! It sounds perfect...

Also, we just got back from vacation to Tulsa to see Urza's family. I was planning on writing a "Weekend Wrap-up" today (it's going to be a weekly blog), but I am so tired! I'll have to do it tomorrow ... my first day off! I started my job today and I have an ongoing headache ... the lovely reality of working at a major national chain store. It sucks. Already.

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