Friday, January 29, 2010

Random Excuse for a Blog

So I decided to clean, organize, and update my planner today. (It's a SNOW day!!! I ♥ them :))
That led to cleaning my purse. Ugh. It's like a black hole in there (those are massively interesting, btw).
Here's just a sampling of what I've accumulated since I last cleaned it out ... oh about the time the T-Rex was roaming .... also the last time I saw the bottom of my sink.

  1. wallet - filled with who knows what and who knows how many receipts
  2. 2 checkbooks - really? 2? yep 
  3. 18 chapsticks ... ok not 18; 15. 
  4. Shuffle that I never listen to, but had to have
  5. mace - a present from my parents ;)
  6. player's club card from VEGAS!
  7. fan from Japan
  8. list of names for Aria - none of which was "Aria"
  9. Bible Scripture card from my Mom
  10. empty ID card holder from VEGAS (gift from my brother :))
  11. CPR cheat sheet - hey if you help save the day then why does it matter if you use a cheat sheet?
  12. a sock. A SOCK! a Saturday Sock. It's blue and smelly
  13. 3 thingys of hand sanitizer
  14. visine
  15. perfume bottle
  16. planner & pouch of pencils/pens
  17. pouch of makeup, hair ties, mirror, blush, brush, etc
  18. blood sugar tester
  19. jump drive
  20. buffalo wild wings hand wipe - that says "Not Approved for Underarm Use" hehe
  21. replacement buttons for Urza's new leather jacket (he looks HAWT in it ;))
  22. peanut brittle
  23. 2 pairs of earphones
  24. scholarship papers
  25. tampons of every size... about 88 of them - TMI? this is your warning. do not come back here if that was TMI!
yeah ... that's not all of it. I am slightly scared of what else is going to accumulate in my purse once I get around to fulfilling M2's dreams of being a grandmom.

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