Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my Big Brother!! 

Master is really an amazing person. He's hilarious, an AMAZING artist (I'll have to share his work sometime), one of my best friends, & makes the best BBQ - some of which I get on Sunday! Woot!

I have great memories of him while we were growing up... but what is even better is listening to all his stories about the adventures he had with his friends. Um wow. ... can't share ... they'd get him in trouble :)

But the best part about him? His support of me & everyone else. He is always telling me - "Do what you want. If no one else likes it oh well... do what makes you happy."  .... That unconditional support has been amazing these last few years. Especially when I was bouncing back and forth with what to do with my life. ... It's also been amazing with wedding planning.

Master, you really are an amazing big brother.
Happy Birthday! I love you.

 My brother & me at my 21st birthday party.
I adore this picture of us.

Bisous, Kiki


  1. hello! regarding your comment on my blog - i previously had lariat necklaces... and now you remind me to make some more. :) thanks for entering the giveaway!

  2. aww, happy birthday! what a handsome bro & sis you too are!

  3. Happy Bday! I am so happy you are so close :)

  4. Well, KIKI, thanks for coming by...I wish you lots of luck...on the wedding AND the giveaway. :))
    xo bj