Sunday, July 4, 2010

Project 365: Week 5: Days 28-34

And here we are again! This week we traveled a lot & had fun doing so. So on with the pictures!

Days 28-34: June 28-July 4, 2010

Day 28
After we moved Josh's Dad & Rena we went & stayed a few day with his Mom.
This was Josh's birthday dessert - fried cheesecake! He loved it. I fake tried it. 

Day 29
Aria sleeping with her bunny on the way back home. I adore her. 

Day 30
Mine was Tiger's Blood (as always) & Josh's was Sour Apple with extra extra sour spray.
& still not sour enough.

Day 31
Poor Aria has a hurt paw :(

Day 32
Josh & Aria under his new NASA BLANKET!!!
For those of you familiar with The Office - Josh wasn't sleeping in his undies under it - à la Dwight. Though I'm sure he wanted to.

Day 33
Aria with her Beaver & Bear Head. 
Yeah I take a ton of pictures of her. Yeah most of 365 will probably be her. 

Day 34
 Happy 4th of July!!
We went to Mom and Dad's. Since they now know how to professionally deal Blackjack we played. 
I won. 
Yeah that's $1,091 .... I started with around $185.

So there you go! A picture a day for the last week. .... Although I take more than a picture a day & sometimes it is agonizingly hard to pick just one.
Bisous, Kiki

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