Sunday, July 11, 2010

Project 365: Week 6: Days 35-41

So this week was nothing big. Just hanging out. ... Josh started his new job & I cleaned the house. & thus these pictures are not that exciting, but here they are nonetheless!

Days 35-41: July 5-11, 2010

Day 35
Two pictures for today. This was how hot the bank said it was coming back home from my parents' house.
This is how hot it really was. Think the bank has a problem?
If you can't read it ... the bank says it was 127*!! ... can you read this?

Day 36
  Aria loves to lounge & I love to find her in cute positions! ♥

Day 37
Wearing my BM shirt from H&C's wedding :)
Funny story - first time I wore this it was with another BM & it was the night before the wedding. We both had them on. The cashier at the store was all "Oh you guys are in a wedding tomorrow?" 
"Um ... yeah"

Day 38
Reading! with Aria!! 
Also? Babysat T this day. So that all adds up to - Perfection!

Day 39
Cutest little puppy face!

Day 40
Saw my Mommy & Chace today!!! EEEKKKK!!!
Also - Happy Birthday Michael!!! 

Day 41
Watched this all day. It's actually a pretty great show!

So there we go! Next week will have some pictures of my visit to my Grandparents'. Have a great week!!

Bisous, Kiki

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  1. Lovely. Any site of blood freaks me out so I can't watch nip tuck. I tried though. Great story lines! Love the pup!!