Monday, March 29, 2010

Amazon! Books!

I got a gift certificate to for my birthday!

I'm very excited about it... the only thing is - I have no idea what to buy! Amazon has everything.
I'm pretty set on books though. I love LOVE to read. Books always make me happy. While I've met books I don't particularly like (hello, textbooks) I haven't met one I absolutely hated.

So ... any suggestions on what I should buy? I love fiction - particularly historical fiction (think Alison Weir or Philippa Gregory). I love to read about law, French history, English history, and Early American history.

But! I'm open to other books too - especially murder mysteries and classics.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Birthday Dinner!

Food. mmmm ::drool::

I love food. & last night I was treated to dinner by Comrad Lenin. We went to Outback. It was Com. Lenin, Josh, Aunt D, and me.

I, of course, had steak. It was delicious. Delicious.

I was given complimentary birthday ice cream. MMMmmmm!! I was so full, but the waitress had a good point - ice cream doesn't count. It melts and goes into the crevices around the food. That doesn't count. Gross, I know, but I got ice cream!

I also got a new book, DVD, flowers, and money :) I can't wait to buy my passport!!

So Birthday Week 2010 is going great!

Friday, March 26, 2010

My life is amazing

Birthday Week is off to a great start.
Sometimes the best things in life are not material...

except these are kind of material, but you get what I mean!

Happy Birthday card from S (thank you! I love you!). .... you can see he wrote his initials "S.T." at the bottom ... right, G? or! maybe he was signing for T too??
(I'm convinced that's what it is... & now every time I look at it I see "S.T.")

and this from Josh. He's amazing. I love my "card!"

 Isn't he sweet??? He had this up as a surprise for me when I came home from staying with S.

It's a great Birthday Week!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ok Here It Goes Again

I have a definite inability to keep up with this blogging thing.
I couldn't regularly post to save Aria's life. Good thing she doesn't depend on me doing so.

And just because they are that cool ... Here's another awesome one: