Tuesday, November 24, 2009

She's Here ... the newest love of my life

T has arrived!! 

I'm so excited and can't wait to meet her!!! I'm sure she's adorable just like her older brother!!

I can't wait to hold her and play with her! & kiss her little cheeks!


Oh and she arrived on her Daddy's birthday... what a present!

Also, I went overboard on the "!s" ... but this deserves it!

Friday, November 13, 2009


... is something I really love to do.

Unfortunately Josh doesn't much like to and I am stuck planning on my own.

Thanks to a very (very!) long nap by S yesterday I was able to plan out my entire 2010 school year. Ahhh! I love the feeling of a plan!

Spring 2010
  • EDSS 4553 - Foundations and Mentoring in Social Studies
  • EDSS 4563 - Teaching Secondary Social Studies
  • SOC 3533 - The System of Criminal Justice
  • SOC 3543 - Sociology of Deviance
  • HIST 2223 - British Empire
May Intersession?
  • SOC Elective - possibly Crime Scene Processing
Summer 2010
  • Study for LSAT!
September 2010 - LSAT!

Fall 2010
  • American HIST Elective
  • P SC 2603 - Governments Around the World
  • MUNM 3113 - World Music
  • SOC
  • SOC Elective?
Ahhhh isn't it beautiful??

Now back to S because really I'd just rather talk about him! He took a 3 hour ... 3 hour ... nap yesterday while I watched him. He woke up so incredilby happy and pretty much smiled and giggled the rest of the time I was there. We played in the tall grass out back, he handed me handfuls of dirt (thank you S!), he jumped and crawled and had the best time (and I did too!)

Of course, I had a wonderful time just watching him :) I really do enjoy staying with him...

::sigh:: that's the part of my plan I really don't like ... the part where I graduate and have to leave him :(

Monday, November 9, 2009

She Loves You ... Yeah, Yeah, Yeahhhh!

Weekend Wrapup ... yep... totally have fallen off the horse with that one eh? (I'm trying to be Canadian! yay!)

This weekend was fun though... jammed packed with work and fun.
Friday I worked from 5-9 ... Saturday from 9-5 ... and Sunday from 12-5... but!

Dawn came up and we went out to eat... at Othello's! My favorite place EVER (besides El Tap in Ardmore)... mmm pasta stuffed with cheese and alfredo sauce poured all over it? gimme, gimme, gimme!!!... oh boy it was so good!
and sex on the peach? mmmmm good good good!
I heart food and drink.

Ok so then on to the movies ... Men Who Stare at Goats. Hilarious at parts, but I deign it a "rent" movie. ... no need to go to the movies for this one. It's funny.... but I couldn't find a compelling plot that hooked me in... I rooted for nothing.... there was nothing to root for.

Oh and Beatles Rock Band = love! yeah, yeah, yeahhhhhhh
I have confirmed that I have NO rhythm whatsoever. NONE

So then? talking, talking, talking until 4 am :) love

Overall it was a great weekend. I'm so happy I got to see her and spend time with her! She's awesome.

so.... onto this week.... ugh.
so ready for a BREAK

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Project 52 - Week 6

It's been unseasonably warm here this winter and I'm not sure if I like it or not.
I want winter ... I want cold, snow, rain... I want it to feel like the semester is coming to an end. I don't feel like Thanksgiving is only 3 weeks away... I don't feel like Christmas break is only about 5 weeks away.

I need that feeling. I am getting so stale ... I don't want to do this anymore. I know that feeling comes around every semester, but I depend on the cues that it is coming to an end.
AND I AM NOT GETTING THOSE CUES! I'm dying here... I need a break... I need the end of the semester... ugh

oh but Aria loves it. Yep, LOVES it.

Yes, she's like Kristy :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I wish I could come up with creative titles

It's going to be a long, exhaustive day.

Butttt! I get to see my favorite little boy and my mommy and sister!!

I am way too excited.

I have no idea how I am going to get this paper written and study for my test though.
::sigh:: I hate being a procrastinator. Hate. It.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

School... is getting in the way of life

So I haven't been posting much and it's because I'm busier than imaginable.

Enjoy what I have here,... read the past posts if you need a fix.

I'm not sure when regular posting will be back... but if you want some funny visit
that is courtesy of my brother IT Geek...

Oops I forgot Want. Need. MUST HAVE. didn't I? I meant to bring that back this week.
::sigh:: oh well... it'll be here next week when I don't have homework coming out of all orifices and my fingernails.

back to your regularly scheduled life.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Project 52 - Week 5

Burnt Out.

This was pretty much my life this last week, and I burnt my toast too.

This will be my life this upcoming week too...


I am so looking forward to a break. A real break.