About Me

Taken from the quick snippet on the side bar:
I’m a generous, intelligent woman who is a liberal, a hypochondriac, and anxiety ridden. I have a crazy life that revolves around my family, S, T, and work. It’s a roller coaster ride and I’m not sure how I wind up being able to get everything done. ...BTW sometimes I share too much. Way too much.

Want a little more in depth?
Ok here goes ...

I'm no longer confused ... but I'm not really confidant either.
I'm way too emotional & I'm trying to change that.
I really want to be a lawyer. More than anything.
No scratch that more than anything I want to be a Mom. Then I want to be a lawyer. But lawyer is #2.

More to come later... Ok here goes some more...
~ I rip the bottoms of cinnamon rolls to get a better roll to icing ratio
~ I love Philadelphia cream cheese on crackers ... it reminds me of my Dad. 
~ I used to pronounce Philadelphia as Phil-fa-delphia ... go ahead make fun of me, everyone else does
~ I adore Damask print. Anything in Damask print
~ I desperately want to move to France. Or visiting will do for now.
~ I love tote bags. I probably have 15-20 and always want more.
~ I'm a hardcore liberal Democrat. :)
~ I'm a Straight Ally for the LGBT Community
~ I believe in People First Language
~ There is this person I desperately want to be closer to, but it's hard... I'm working on it slowly! Probably won't happen now :(

~ I have a lot of shoes... but wear the same few pairs everyday.
~ I watch a lot of TV ~ right now I love: The Good Wife, The Office, Grey's Anatomy, Law & Order:SVU
~ As for older shows, I loved: Friends, Charmed, Boston Legal,
~ I'm terrified of spiders.
~ I adore having pictures all over my house.
~ I love to clean and have a clean house. Unfortunately you can't tell that by my house.

more to come later.