Sunday, January 31, 2010

Smelly dog ... Smelly dog

What are they feeding youuuuuuu?

Aria has the worst farts.
We've tried different food. Doesn't work :(

Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Cliché "What I want to do before I die" List

Recently I watched this episode of Momversation. Yes, I'm that weird childless person who watches and reads things about babies. Point, Laugh, Whatever. That past time of mine helped me land the BEST.JOB.EVER.
It got me to thinking, obviously, about my "bucket list."
What do I really want to do before I die? Is it that important to me to hurl myself off a tall building with only a rubber band to stop me?? Maybe. But what do I really want to do?
Here's my constantly changing list (in no particular order):
I'm not going to limit myself to a certain amount of items or a certain kind of item. I'm just looking to make my life a little more adventurous and a little more spontaneous. If I get the chance to do one of these things I am going to take it.

  1. Become a parent (yes, I AM going to put this first). 
  2. Live in another country for a year
  3. Marry my best friend
  4. Attend & graduate from law school
  5. Have a successful law career
  6. Be fluent in French
  7. Do something of an activist nature -- participate in a protest or rally. 
  8. Take a self-defense class
  9. Procrastinate less
  10. Swim with the bioluminescent plankton
  11. See a Broadway Play
  12. Travel with my sister
  13. Marathon?
  14. Raise awareness about People First Language
  15. Learn ASL
  16. Sleep in a hammock on a tropical island with the sound of waves lapping in the background
  17. See the Northern Lights
  18. Do something awesome to repay my parents for the wonderful life they have given me
  19. Stay friends with J, G, S, & T for the rest of my life
  20. Get another tattoo
  21. Donate bone marrow
  22. Swim with dolphins
  23. Own a home ...
  24. ...with a fully stocked library
  25. ...with a window seat ... preferably the same house as the library
  26. Do something drastic with my hair
  27. Find a signature cocktail
  28. Use a parasol
  29. Learn how to properly use & wear makeup
  30. Learn how to not be so emotional when I argue
  31. Keep a list of every book I read from now on
  32. Learn to only save/keep the things that really do have meaning
  33. Visit France including Bordeaux, Paris, Clermont-Ferrand etc (to be updated)
  34. Visit England - London, etc
  35. Visit Greece - Athens!, Parthenon
  36. Visit Italy - eat gelato at the fountains in Rome
  37. Have professional pictures done
  38. Sky dive
  39. Pay for the person behind me (i.e. toll booth, coffee shop, restaurant, etc)
  40. Write one handwritten card or letter per week for a year
  41. Go skiing again
  42. Learn how to water ski
  43. Be able to do more push-ups than my dad
  44. Show up at the airport with my bag and passport- take the first available flight
  45. Get my passport
  46. Achieve & maintain a healthy weight
  47. Do 5 unassisted pull-ups
  48. Scuba dive off the Great Barrier Reef

Here's where I get all preachy and motivating: I challenge you to make your own list. Take charge of your life! Do what you want. /endcheesiness

Also, here are a few things I've already had the pleasure of doing that would be on my list:
  1. Visit DC
  2. Get a tattoo
  3. VEGAS!
  4. Pilot an airplane ... as in I actually took over and flew the plane!!!
****some of these things have been "stolen" from others' life lists....

Also, I've added a link to the sidebar, so that you have the pleasure of reviewing this anytime you want. You know, if you want to fund one of my pursuits ... ::hint-hint::

Also, Also, when I accomplish one of my pursuits I will make sure to update it on here :)

    Friday, January 29, 2010

    Random Excuse for a Blog

    So I decided to clean, organize, and update my planner today. (It's a SNOW day!!! I ♥ them :))
    That led to cleaning my purse. Ugh. It's like a black hole in there (those are massively interesting, btw).
    Here's just a sampling of what I've accumulated since I last cleaned it out ... oh about the time the T-Rex was roaming .... also the last time I saw the bottom of my sink.

    1. wallet - filled with who knows what and who knows how many receipts
    2. 2 checkbooks - really? 2? yep 
    3. 18 chapsticks ... ok not 18; 15. 
    4. Shuffle that I never listen to, but had to have
    5. mace - a present from my parents ;)
    6. player's club card from VEGAS!
    7. fan from Japan
    8. list of names for Aria - none of which was "Aria"
    9. Bible Scripture card from my Mom
    10. empty ID card holder from VEGAS (gift from my brother :))
    11. CPR cheat sheet - hey if you help save the day then why does it matter if you use a cheat sheet?
    12. a sock. A SOCK! a Saturday Sock. It's blue and smelly
    13. 3 thingys of hand sanitizer
    14. visine
    15. perfume bottle
    16. planner & pouch of pencils/pens
    17. pouch of makeup, hair ties, mirror, blush, brush, etc
    18. blood sugar tester
    19. jump drive
    20. buffalo wild wings hand wipe - that says "Not Approved for Underarm Use" hehe
    21. replacement buttons for Urza's new leather jacket (he looks HAWT in it ;))
    22. peanut brittle
    23. 2 pairs of earphones
    24. scholarship papers
    25. tampons of every size... about 88 of them - TMI? this is your warning. do not come back here if that was TMI!
    yeah ... that's not all of it. I am slightly scared of what else is going to accumulate in my purse once I get around to fulfilling M2's dreams of being a grandmom.

    Thursday, January 7, 2010

    I'm already feeling the stress...

    Yes, I know... it's been forever and a day since I have blogged.
    I've been enjoying my time off. I have NOTHING to do most days (besides work) and it's been very difficult for me to get used to.
    I'm always feeling anxious ... wondering what it is I need to be doing. I don't do down time very well. I always feel as if I have neglected something.
    I am enjoying having time to read! Read novels, magazines, novels, the internet, novels and did I mention novels?! I LOVE to read. Adore it. Unfortunately, I don't have much time to read novels while in school.

    Anyway, I'm already stressing because this is what all I am doing the next semester...
    • 18 hrs of classes
      • EDSS 4553 - Foundations and Mentoring in Social Studies
      • EDSS 4563 - Teaching Secondary Social Studies
      • SOC 3523 - Crime and Delinquency (8 wk internet course)
      • SOC 3533 - The System of Criminal Justice
      • SOC 3543 - Sociology of Deviance
      • HIST 2223 - British Empire
    •  At least 12 hrs of work at the lib per week
    • Babysitting! (my favorite part of the semester ... the part that lowers my stress level to be honest)
    • Homework
    • P90x
    • Learning French
    • 30 hrs of Field Experience in a local suburban school
      • teaching a few of those classes -- EEK!
    • Young Democrats
    • OU Cousins
    • Planning a wedding to my best friend 
    • Keep the house somewhat clean
    • I'm sure I'm forgetting something
    • Oh yes ... find time to sleep
    Jealous of my life yet???

    It'll be stressful, difficult, annoying, and oh so much fun.