The "Players" in my Life

Here you go!

The "Players" in My Life - A Reference Page

**to be complete at a later time** (specifically my nephews - I need to ask them what they want to be called)

  • Kiki = me - also known as Aunt Kiki, Caterpillar, Sis, and Kiki Dawn
  • Mom = well you guess who this is - she is one of my best friends and my role model - I'm pretty much her clone -- she's the original (also known as Nini - pronounced knee-knee ... heheh)
  • Dad = again... you guess who this is - he is a wonderful person who I have so much respect and love for (also known as Grumpy)
  • Chace = one of my best friends and my sister - she's quite crazy like I am. And believe me I will probably not inform all of you of all our escapades (but she does look quite good in orange! hehe)

  • S = the little boy I babysit a.k.a. the little love of my life
  • G = S's mom
  • J = S's dad
  • T = S's new little sister - to be born around Thanksgiving She's Arrived!!
  • Nenah = my grandma
  • Papa = my grandpa
Animals - they play a big part in my life

There you have it! Those are the people I converse with, see, and talk about on a fairly often basis.

Enjoy reading about them... and yourself!