Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lessons from the ST.

So I'm a little behind on the posting. What's new? :)

Monday was a great day - everyday with S & T is a great day.

Learned a few more things:
~ With two active little ones I'm less of an entertainer and more of a referee. As in: "No, leave her blocks alone." "No, T don't put S's shark in your mouth." "Come back here!" "No hitting." "No, she didn't mean to take your shark away.... she's little and doesn't understand."
~ It's still a little crushing when a 3 year old points out a pimple. It is a little endearing though. "Kiki, you have a boo-boo like me." ... S said ... pointing to my face ... while I try to explain why he just had a timeout. Sometimes I'm sure he knows just how to change the topic. 
~ It takes a long time to convince a 3 year old anything. A. Long. Time.

~ Poop is still fun :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Ladies

I've decided to take to blogging more about the wedding. Because no one wants to listen to me ramble on and on about it anymore :)

Today I was searching online and emailing back and forth with three ladies about the potential bridesmaids' gifts. It's weird to not be able to discuss the ends and outs of them with the bridesmaids. The whole reason I picked the women I did is because they are the ones I talk to, confide in, and seek advice from. Now I'm making decisions and I cannot talk to them about it. It's weird and I have to stop myself from picking up the phone to text Amy or Heidi or call Chace.
And I can't talk to Mom because I'm considering her present to be something somewhat similar. (Is that bad wedding etiquette?)

Well, I'm off... we are going to meet with Sean, Heidi, and T. [Different T ... a little boy T :)] for dinner. I'm really excited!!

Bisous, Kiki

Monday, September 20, 2010

Lessons from the ST.

Today S taught me that stingrays eat bumblebees. & no amount of coaxing will get a child to eat vegetables. Even the prize of a hot dog.

It was a good day!

Also learned that fussy babies are still adorable babies.

Bisous, Kiki

So I need to get back into this...

Here goes!

Today I babysat - love them!
Hired the wedding photographer.
& had dinner and watched a tv show with the love of my life.

Happy 8 Years Josh! I can't wait to marry you.
109 days to go!

Bisous, Kiki