Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Smudge wishes to no longer be addressed as Smurdge.

He will now only answer to Smudge Bartholomew Higgenbothem III.

Thank you.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Want. Need. MUST HAVE. Twosday.

Sooo ... I don't have much time to update right now, but I thought I'd post this and edit later.

I am giving you two! items on MUST HAVE Tuesday.

I'm in love with Amy Giacomelli's paintings. They are simply Gorgeous. Night of a Thousand Stars is one of my favorites.
They are a little expensive :( buttt... she does have a print shop!! YAY

I Want. Need. MUST HAVE.
Setting Sun
Rising Sun
Lights in the Sky
Journeys Through Time

OK here is #2

I love this Infinity bookcase!
It looks like it would be too big for just about anywhere except a museum... but give me a smaller version and I'd gobble that right up!

I haven't forgotten about my 3 weekends I need to write about. That post is being worked on right now....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So... yeah, I haven't posted in quite a while and I forgot yesterday's Want. Need. MUST HAVE. Tuesday.

Ooops! ... believe me there is plenty out there that I want!
No excuse, but I worked all day yesterday. Then had to go to 3 stores afterward and I was plain exhausted ... so no update.
Please don't cry. I don't have the energy to console. ... and I hear that's a bad thing anyway.

I will be out of town for the next few days. But when I get back I will update on our Tulsa weekend, my Bricktown weekend, and this upcoming weekend - the last one of freedom before school starts. Sighhh. It better be a good one.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Want. Need. MUST HAVE. Tuesdays

UPDATE (08-26-09) THIS DOES NOT WORK. UGH. So I recently had a chance to try it out ... no good :(

So I've a pretty nice collection of music going on now. And I really want to be able to listen to it in the car!

I don't want to use my earphones and I don't like putting my iPhone on high volume. It just doesn't work in the car.

So what do I need you ask.... I need this!

It is a handy little charger that also broadcasts your music through a static station! It sounds perfect...

Also, we just got back from vacation to Tulsa to see Urza's family. I was planning on writing a "Weekend Wrap-up" today (it's going to be a weekly blog), but I am so tired! I'll have to do it tomorrow ... my first day off! I started my job today and I have an ongoing headache ... the lovely reality of working at a major national chain store. It sucks. Already.

Friday, August 7, 2009


So I'll be out for a few days... doing something super fun! :)

I know you'll miss me, but you'll just have to get by somehow.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

More Sandwiches...

So I'm currently munching on some BBQ made by Master. Quite simply the best I've ever had.


Be jealous.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pot Sandwiches

So last night I chowed down on pot sandwiches. A few leaves between a couple of slices of bread with some mayo slathered on. They were delicioso.

No kidding.

It was the most interesting dream I've had in a while.
Urza, Barrin, Chace and I were all chowing down while my parents were away. They showed up and we had to move stuff in. Talk about not being able to walk or talk.

We were so out of it. It was nice.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Want. Need. MUST HAVE. Tuesdays

I am in love. With these earrings. I must have them.

I found them here.
ahhh Dooce. I love her too.
I'd marry her. If it were legal, she wasn't with Jon, and I wasn't with Urza. Get those little complications out of the way and she'd be mine. Oh and I guess make her fall in love with me too.

I'd wear the earrings to the wedding.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The "Players" in My Life

Here you go!

The "Players" in My Life - A Reference Page

**to be complete at a later time** (specifically my nephews - I need to ask them what they want to be called)
  • Kiki = me - also known as Aunt Kiki, Caterpillar, Sis, and Kiki Dawn
  • Urza Josh = My fiance', my best friend, and the love of my life - he makes my life fun, exciting, and full of never ending craziness (he was once referred to as Urza, but I can't do it. He's only Josh to me)
  • Mom = well you guess who this is - she is one of my best friends and my role model - I'm pretty much her clone -- she's the original (also known as Nini - pronounced knee-knee ... heheh)
  • Dad = again... you guess who this is - he is a wonderful person who I have so much respect and love for (also known as Grumpy)
  • Chace = one of my best friends and my sister - she's quite crazy like I am. And believe me I will probably not inform all of you of all our escapades (but she does look quite good in orange! hehe)
  • Jakob = Josh's best friend - a fun guy who I now consider one of my good friends. He currently lives about 2 hours away, but comes to stay with us pretty often
  • Comrade Lenin/Dad 2 = Josh's Dad - an awesome, supportive and caring man who is there to help - oh and he pretty much set up Josh and me ... thank you Comrade Lenin, you are a great dad!
  • M2 (Mom Two) = Josh's Mom - a lovely, caring lady who I am happy is my second mom
  • Master = my older brother - you know the saying "Jack of all trades, master of none" - he's pretty much the master of all & the coolest guy I know
  • BB = Master's wife - while we aren't thisclose I do think she's a wonderful person and know that she and I would be good friends given our lives weren't in the way and we could hang out more
  • IT Geek = my oldest brother - a geeky guy who is fun to hang around with
  • ? = my nephew - IT Geek's son - the sweetest, cutest little redhead you will ever meet - he's quite a geek like his father (knew how to turn on and play on the computer by 3) and a lot of fun to play with
  • ? = my nephew - IT Geek's son - a complete doll ... no other way to put it - he's super smart, fun to play with, and loves to go armadillo hunting with Grumpy
  • Dr. A = Josh's sister - an awesome woman who I'm glad is going to be my sister too - I just wish we had more chances to hang out
  • Boomer = Dr. A's husband - nice, cool, funny, smart ... oh and the best quality? A HUGE OU fan... enough said (probably bigger than Urza and I ... nah not quite) Boomer Sooner
  • Michael = Josh's brother - a super funny, kind, and generous guy who is willing to do anything for you - made me feel right at home when I first met Josh's family - oh and he collects money - coins, dollars, etc. - he has a nice collection - including a 1920 $2 bill
  • K = Josh's stepdad
  • S = the little boy I babysit a.k.a. the little love of my life
  • G = S's mom
  • J = S's dad
  • T = S's new little sister - to be born around Thanksgiving She's Arrived!!
  • Nenah = my grandma
  • Papa = my grandpa
Animals - they play a big part in my life
  • Aria = mine and Josh's new puppy who is freaking adorable - the most playful little thing you will ever see - she's a doll when she isn't peeing everywhere
  • Kristy = my parents' dog (really she's mine!) - the best dog you could EVER ask for
  • Reese/Reeser/Reese Piece/Reeser Piecer = my sister's crazy dog - a Yorkie who is hyper beyond all reason for about 8 minutes and then crashes for the next 23 hours & 52 minutes
  • Mercy Maurice = the cat that has adopted my parents, much to my mom's dismay "I don't need ANOTHER animal to take care of!" UPDATE: and now we have found out that it is a boy not a girl. My sister will no longer be naming animals
  • Summer = my sister's 3rd horse - she's a super sweet and loving horse - much nicer than the asses my sister had before (no she didn't have donkeys)
  • Bell = BB's HUMONGOUS Great Dane - she likes me or so Master says - she tries to give me hugs ... and looks me in the eye ... you know no small feat I am 5 ft tall afterall
  • Cooper = S's dog - he is so much fun to play with - he surprisingly puts up with all S's crazy antics

There you have it! Those are the people I converse with, see, and talk about on a fairly often basis.

Enjoy reading about them... and yourself!