Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my Big Brother!! 

Master is really an amazing person. He's hilarious, an AMAZING artist (I'll have to share his work sometime), one of my best friends, & makes the best BBQ - some of which I get on Sunday! Woot!

I have great memories of him while we were growing up... but what is even better is listening to all his stories about the adventures he had with his friends. Um wow. ... can't share ... they'd get him in trouble :)

But the best part about him? His support of me & everyone else. He is always telling me - "Do what you want. If no one else likes it oh well... do what makes you happy."  .... That unconditional support has been amazing these last few years. Especially when I was bouncing back and forth with what to do with my life. ... It's also been amazing with wedding planning.

Master, you really are an amazing big brother.
Happy Birthday! I love you.

 My brother & me at my 21st birthday party.
I adore this picture of us.

Bisous, Kiki

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Project 365: Week 6: Days 35-41

So this week was nothing big. Just hanging out. ... Josh started his new job & I cleaned the house. & thus these pictures are not that exciting, but here they are nonetheless!

Days 35-41: July 5-11, 2010

Day 35
Two pictures for today. This was how hot the bank said it was coming back home from my parents' house.
This is how hot it really was. Think the bank has a problem?
If you can't read it ... the bank says it was 127*!! ... can you read this?

Day 36
  Aria loves to lounge & I love to find her in cute positions! ♥

Day 37
Wearing my BM shirt from H&C's wedding :)
Funny story - first time I wore this it was with another BM & it was the night before the wedding. We both had them on. The cashier at the store was all "Oh you guys are in a wedding tomorrow?" 
"Um ... yeah"

Day 38
Reading! with Aria!! 
Also? Babysat T this day. So that all adds up to - Perfection!

Day 39
Cutest little puppy face!

Day 40
Saw my Mommy & Chace today!!! EEEKKKK!!!
Also - Happy Birthday Michael!!! 

Day 41
Watched this all day. It's actually a pretty great show!

So there we go! Next week will have some pictures of my visit to my Grandparents'. Have a great week!!

Bisous, Kiki

Saturday, July 10, 2010

& now she's old

My little sister... she's moved out of my parents' house & is out on her own now.
It's weird. But it'll be oh so much fun to have her closer to me!!!

Mom & I met up at Chace's new apt today. It's so perfect for her & she just needs a few more dishes to get a kitchen's worth of dishes!

But we had fun hanging out! It makes me kind of nostalgic for when I moved out. That first little bit was HARD. Ok who am I kidding? I still sometimes get teary-eyed leaving M&D's. It was, still is, & always will be home. 

Anyway... before it gets too deep --- CONGRATS!! on the new life change my Big Little Sister. I love you! 
Call if you need anything ;) ... I may or may not be able to offer a hot meal.  

Scenes from today:
 On our way!

 The following are my Mom & Sister... totally average day -

Um you should not have mouthed off sister dear! ;)

In Trouble - she's scared!

Trying to make it all better!

Nope doesn't work!

All the while... Aria?
Yeah she's just lounging
::sigh:: I love that dog.

On the way home
Don't worry! We were stopped.

Also --- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL!!! Love you :)

Bisous, Kiki

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lessons from the ST.

I've decided to start a new ... "series."

Lessons from S & T. It's a play on words ... S&T ... ST. ... St. .... Saint ... get it? lol

Every single time I watch them I learn something new. It may be huge or it may just be a little something.
Some of the lessons I've learned:

Babies stop crying eventually. While T is a marvelous baby there was one time she was very cranky (hey happens to every baby! & me too). She wouldn't stop crying. I was so sad I couldn't fix her problems for her. But then? She just stopped. I guess she just needed to let it all out! But I realized ... even when it's bad all babies stop crying eventually. She really didn't cry for long, but it was enough for me to learn the lesson.

Also here's a good lesson: When the older brother is way too quiet in the living room while you are rocking younger sister to sleep in the bedroom he may or may not have gotten into the Easter chocolate candy. Then he will come into the bedroom... grin at you with chocolate ALL over his mouth ... it will be the most innocent grin & you can't help but laugh! & that will wake up baby sister. Sigh. ... She will go back to sleep though.
---- & while I was rocking her again I told S "You sit down right there right now." His reply? The most sheepish look & quiet little "I'm in trouble huh?" Oh my heart sank. & I wanted to roll on the floor laughing at the same time. It is one of my favorite memories with him! ♥

So today's lesson - Babies make everything better. Even when you are having an all around good day - it will get better when you rock her to sleep, feed her, watch her discover new things, and spend quality time talking. T is so much fun & I adore her. & she and her brother make my days better. Even the great ones get better when I see them!! & of course they cure my bad days too.

Next Thursday I'm due to sit again... more lessons then!

Bisous, Kiki

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Project 365: Week 5: Days 28-34

And here we are again! This week we traveled a lot & had fun doing so. So on with the pictures!

Days 28-34: June 28-July 4, 2010

Day 28
After we moved Josh's Dad & Rena we went & stayed a few day with his Mom.
This was Josh's birthday dessert - fried cheesecake! He loved it. I fake tried it. 

Day 29
Aria sleeping with her bunny on the way back home. I adore her. 

Day 30
Mine was Tiger's Blood (as always) & Josh's was Sour Apple with extra extra sour spray.
& still not sour enough.

Day 31
Poor Aria has a hurt paw :(

Day 32
Josh & Aria under his new NASA BLANKET!!!
For those of you familiar with The Office - Josh wasn't sleeping in his undies under it - à la Dwight. Though I'm sure he wanted to.

Day 33
Aria with her Beaver & Bear Head. 
Yeah I take a ton of pictures of her. Yeah most of 365 will probably be her. 

Day 34
 Happy 4th of July!!
We went to Mom and Dad's. Since they now know how to professionally deal Blackjack we played. 
I won. 
Yeah that's $1,091 .... I started with around $185.

So there you go! A picture a day for the last week. .... Although I take more than a picture a day & sometimes it is agonizingly hard to pick just one.
Bisous, Kiki